Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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My phone has vibrated 12 times. Two emails from my manager:

Kate Turner Louisiana Jam flyer confirmation needs your approval

Forwarded email from National Mom's Night at Columbia Center Mall, May 10th.

3 texts from manager: Boom. Boom. Boom.

what? the eff?

1 email from Juicy Couture acct: shopping rewards


1 txt from Kass: twittteeer :)

1 txt from Stephen (boyfriend): babe? GUESS WHAT?

Me: What?

Boyfriend: LOVEDRUG wrote us back, they're going to do a show with us May 19th, will you talk to your boss? Ray's is already booked.


I jump out of bed and pound on hungover Ben's door. I know he's hungover because his bike is in the living room AGAIN.


"I know I know steve texted me"

I call my boss, Jen. LoveDrug is one of my favorite bands, one of roommate Ben's favorite bands, one of my boyfriends band, RUN FROM COVER's, favorite bands. Now, the boyfriend gets exposure, I get to rock out, and Ben doesn't have to stress out over whether or not he should go to Day Glow in Seattle or go to the LoveDrug show the same night. Crisis overted. Everybody wins.

"Kate, Paul has never charged a cover, he's against it always."

"I know, I know, but this is a big band, they've never played this area and they'd bring a huge crowd, guaranteed"

"Well send me the info, I'll talk to Paul"

Paul owns the Crier, which is where I work. I've done shows there, and no, there is never a cover. BUT, there's also never been a band like LoveDrug to play there. Normally this kind of show goes on down the street from the Crier in the Uptown at Ray's Golden Lion, where under agers and beer drinkers a like can always count on some sort of live show. They, are booked. PLEASE GOD let Paul let me book this band here. He can make money, I can make money, and I won't have to take off work to go watch them play somewhere else.

This is huge for boyfriend's band. They deserve this. Run From Cover is the perfect fit to open for LoveDrug.

"Ok, it's us or Kimo's I'll get more information when I can"

I walk outside my room, and of course, our dog-cat Gus has gotten into the garbage, AGAIN.


Jesus. I get back to bed, per usual, and fire up the laptop, gotta keep voting. Currently, myself (Kate Turner,, itunes, facebook etc..just sayin) boyfriend's band, Run From Cover, local bands Goodnight Argent and Silver Dollar Circus are all competing in MTV's National Warped Tour Competition, "Get Warped." Out of 1,700 bands, our 4 fabulous Tri-City bands have made it into the top 100 and entered the Semi-Finals. None of us are close enough to any of the east coast tour dates to qualify, so we're all grouped in the "National" competition.

It takes FOREVER to vote. There are currently, 4, 950 pairings to judge against TWO AT A TIME. and I've only conquered 90 battles. Sweet. Only 4,900 left to fight. Good thing I only work weekends and don't have rehearsal until 6. Now, me being in the finals is almost funny. I mean, my music is Country. Even if I came close to winning, the audience of Warped Tour would probably throw shit at me. In my boots, with my band of middle aged dudes rockin out to honky tonk? But I have no shame, and try and enter myself in every competition I can qualify for. AND IT SAID COUNTRY as one of the genres. So. Whatever. I am pleased and humored that I even made it this far.

Run From Cover however, is perfect for Warped Tour. No, they don't have screamer music, they aren't a band of 5 girls yelling about their periods, and No, they don't cover Good Charlotte...but they're perfect for Warped Tour. They're so good. And when I saw the competition pop up in my email I thought..why the H don't the boys do this? So, I made them an Ourstage account. Uploaded their entire album  from Stephen's computer, picked out some pictures, copy pasted their bio from their website and entered them in everything there was to be entered in. BOOM. You're welcome boys. Because WHO is number 1 right now? Run From Cover, ladies and gentlemen, Run from freaking Cover. Fightin the good fight. Honestly, at this point even being in the top 100 for semi-finals was rad, but they went from #97 ( I was #5..nbd) to #1 in less than 12 hours. Killin it. Perfect publicity to kick of their "Sunlight Tour." They will be all over the west coast this summer, a Warped Tour date would only add to their bad-ass-ness.

Back to the war in music on ourstage. Everyone go vote, it's not easy and it takes forever but it's worth it. Isn't it worth it to help out local bands that deserve a big break? There is a reason that out of 1,700 bands across the nation, 4 of the top 100 are from right here. One of the reasons, Brook Floyd, hail to the God of Recording in the Tri, the man is solid gold. BUT THE OTHER REASON, is that we're good. Run From Cover, GA, SDC, MEEEEE...we're good. And we should shamelessly write blogs and solicit votes from our friends and facebook fans else are we supposed to get people to pay attention to us? How else are kick ass bands like LoveDrug supposed to come to our little town and give a local band the opportunity to share the stage with them? By asking. So, do it. do it. Vote. And come to the LoveDrug/RunFromCover show here in the tri whenever we figure out where to have the cover or whatever, buy 12 drinks. Support local music, and maybe you'll even become a new fan.

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