Monday, May 30, 2011

Behind The Music

     In the few short days the Kate Turner Facebook music page has been up, many of you have been writing me about the lyrics to "Baby No." After my girlfriend Kassie started bugging me about my musical "inspiration" Jeremy and I decided what better way to let fans behind the music with a SongBlog. In this blog we will post new lyrics, song ideas and videos for people to give feedback on! 

     The best thing about Country music is it's familiarity. Country music fans can relate to their music, which is one of the reason I myself, am so passionate about writing it. A lot of people joke about the typical my-wife-left-me, my-truck-broke-down ideas behind some country songs, but the reality is people like songs that tell a story. A lot of my music tells a story too, mostly about my personal experiences which are the kinds of experiences that many people have. "Baby No" may mean something completely different to you than it did to me when I wrote it, but the beautiful thing about music is, it can be whatever you want it to be, and this way anyone who hears or reads these songs can know exactly where our heads were at and what we were feeling when we wrote it. The exciting slash terrifying thing is that many of these songs are personal. Letting anyone into my world through music is scary. There's a fear of judgement, rejection, and the reality is not everyone is going to like every song, BUT either way, I get to write about my life, you get to hear it and hopefully someday it will be on the radio for everyone to love or hate.

     A lot of these blogs are going to be, like I said, inspired by my life, however not every word in every song is literal, and you may THINK you know..but you have no idea ;) Yes, I'm going to slam my ex boyfriends. Yes, I'm going to call out people who have hurt me, and Yes, I'm going to enjoy every painful or joyful minute of it. Jeremy and I both don't just sit down and say, "let's write a song about this..." it just happens. Some of my close friends known through experience that I may be half way through a beer at dinner and tell them to shut up because an idea just popped into my head. I could be driving down the road, get an idea and leave Jeremy a singing voicemail..that's just how it goes. So I can't say how many or how often this blog will get new posts, but what I can tell you is that writing is and always has been a release..and because of the way I live my life, I am inspired constantly. 

     Unfortunately, most of the songs will not have music posted with them. Just words. But anyone who knows me, knows how important words are to me and hopefully song lyrics are as vital to listeners as they are to those who put themselves out there. I write about what I feel, and since I don't "pop bottles" or live a crazy rock star will be greatly disapointed coming to this site hoping to find lyrics about anything other than what everyone else deals the song writing begin.... :)

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  1. Kate, you are so right...the lyrics are the soul to the song, excellent writing is the beginning of a top 10 hit!


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